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Diversifying your assets could be a proper choice. But it subsequently requires appropriate specialist expertise to generate an overview of the, often complex, elements of your assets. This overview leads to insight which is of crucial importance to analyse returns and risks in an appropriate manner. With this understanding we develop, in cooperation with yourself, a tailored strategy for the future.

Private individuals, foundations and associations can count on us with regard to asset structuring. As a Family Office, we – inter alia – will draft a consolidated asset report which we use to give you a clear understanding of the development of the total of your assets, risks and anything related. Wilton acts as your point of contact, with a central control- and advisory role. This way, you have both a clear and complete overview of your assets and direct access to our professional know-how and global network. This enables you to take the right decisions with regard to important wealth management issues.

Specifically, we support you with:

By way of our carefully built international network we can represent you as the key figure with regard to an integral and disciplined approach to matters concerning your assets. In doing so, you will obtain not only a clear analysis, but also a structural reduction of your cost structure and an upgrade of your professional risk management. A valuable supplement, ensuring the realisation of your goals.


Wilton Family Office is registered with the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and is supervised by AFM and the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). Furthermore, Wilton is recorded in the registers of the Dutch Securities Institute (DSI).

Legal & Compliance

Wilton Family Office attaches great importance to an integrity-based corporate culture. Part of this, is strict adherence to all relevant legislation and regulations. This means Legal & Compliance is an essential part of our operational management. In order to guarantee its quality, we cooperate meticulously with an external specialist in this field.


Apart from incidental contributions to various charities, we aspire to realise a small-scale project in a developing country every year. Over the last few years, we have structurally supported several projects launched by Orange Babies in Zambia. Surely, we like to devote ourselves to anyone for whom a positive future is not an obvious matter.

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