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Your wealth should be aimed to accommodate your goals. It is available to you, you have the responsibility and maybe also its associated concerns. In what way can you achieve the optimal results from your wealth? As a Family Office, we approach these matters from multiple perspectives. Based upon our integral working method, we devise a plan of action. In this way, we bring these, often complex, matters back to their essence. What do we aim to achieve for you in doing so? An invaluable perspective.


Wilton is a Multi-Family Office with offices in Breda in The Netherlands and Luxembourg. Sufficiently substantial for sharp and expert analyses and sufficiently small for both heartfelt involvement with and genuine interest in our clients. We support and advise several affluent families, institutions and foundations. In concrete terms, we advise them on structure, control and implementation of their various assets. Using our disciplined process, we aim to make a valuable contribution in taking the right decisions in order to safeguard the continuity of the family’s assets.

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Hans Wilton

Hans Wilton is partner/ statutory director and is responsible for the services offered by the Family Office. Previously, he was a member of the Board of The IBUS Company, an asset manager specialised in international real estate investments. Prior to this, Hans spent eight years with Theodoor Gilissen Bankiers N.V., where, in the last four years, he was responsible for launching Theodoor Gilissen in Belgium. Hans has completed the Executive Master of Real Estate training at the School for Business and Society, TIAS. Hans is an entrepreneur in heart and soul. Open, engaged and passionate. He cherishes his clients and is eager to seize new opportunities.

Arne van der Ent

Arne van der Ent is partner and is responsible for all operations in Luxembourg. Arne has a wealth of international experience in inter alia Switzerland and Luxembourg. He spent twenty years with independent asset managers in these countries. Arne is specialised in establishing, structuring and managing single-family investment funds. Arne is passionate about arranging all relevant matters for his clients.t

Caroline de Feijter

Caroline de Feijter is a partner at Wilton Family Office. With her long-term international experience in both corporate and private banking, Caroline has extensive knowledge of asset management, investment and entrepreneurship in the Netherlands and Belgium. Caroline offers families the opportunity to have their assets managed and monitored in confidence and she has an unbridled commitment to properly arrange things for families.

Paul de Kroon

Paul de Kroon is partner at Wilton. Prior to this, Paul was a private wealth manager responsible for the integral guidance of wealthy private relations and entrepreneurs. Structuring of assets and asset management are his specific areas of interest. He is a certified financial planner (FFP) and is recorded in the registers of the Dutch Securities Institute (DSI) as a senior investment advisor. Not only is Paul a keen tennis player, he also likes to score by realising his client’s goals.

Peter Bijlstra

Peter has built up his expertise in the financial markets over more than 25 years. For the past 10 years, he has been director Asset Management and partner at a well known Asset Manager. He has a passion for the economy and for both public and private financial markets. In his spare time Peter enjoys his partner and two children and enjoys being on the golfcourse.

Frank Sickman

Frank Sickman is a partner at Wilton. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, he knows the value of independent advice and trust. Frank previously supervised several families at a European Asset Manager for six years. Frank has a passion for sports and family values are very important to him.

Inez Visser

Inez has built up a strong career in financial and commercial roles in banking business. She’s experienced in client advisory in respect of all aspects of financial administration. Inez has a strong solution-oriented approach, with focus on best customer satisfaction. She is a passionate & social colleague.

Leonie van der Zee

Leonie has extensive experience in the financial sector, including professional development at Rabobank in both the Private Banking and Investments departments. Leonie is responsible for the back office and administrative support of the management.

Sjoerd de Vries

Sjoerd de Vries is a member of Wilton Family Office’s Advisory Council. He supports management based on his longstanding experience as senior finance executive, which included roles as Finance Director of Exxon Mobil Benelux and Group Treasurer at Arcelor Mittal. In addition, he led the investment committee of a corporate pension fund for several years. Currently, Sjoerd is financial strategy and risk management consultant at Kinetic Consulting Ltd in Geneva and non-executive board member.

Michiel Krauss

Michiel Krauss currently holds the position of managing director at Skagen Netherlands and he is affiliated to Wilton Family Office as an advisor for a well-known Dutch family.

Dick Kuijper

Dick Kuijper brings a wealth of experience in de area of Finance & Control. Within our team, his experience lies in de field of client oriented administrative services and reporting. Clarity, operational, connecting and enthusiasm characterize his personality.

Dominique van Hilten

Dominique van Hilten is an advisor to Wilton Family Office. She is primarily responsible for a few families. Dominique has a large international network, through her MBA from the University of Geneva and EMBA from Carnegie Mellon. Open and driven, she is looking for exclusive investment opportunities. Dominique is Program Director of the Amsterdam Private Equity Association APEC and Treasurer for the Female Cancer Foundation.

Marina van Oostayen

Marina is an experienced officemanager. Skilled in Office Equipment, communication, facilitymanagement, and planning. She is a strong administrative professional.