Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy

Complaints procedure Wilton Investment Services B.V.
Although the Manager makes every effort to represent the interests of its clients in the best possible
way in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions, it is possible that a client of the
Manager is of the opinion that the Manager has not acted correctly. In that case the following
procedure applies.

What to do in case of a complaint?

In the event of a complaint, the client must inform the Manager of this as soon as possible. This can
be done by contacting the contact person at the Manager by telephone, in writing or by e-mail. If the client is not satisfied with the handling of the complaint, the client can submit the complaint in
writing to the attention of the Management of the Manager.

Complaints Institute Financial Services

The Manager is a financial company affiliated with the Klachteninstituut Financiële Dienstverlening
(Dutch Financial Services Complaints Authority, KiFiD). Anyone who believes that he or she is directly
affected by an act or omission of a financial company in the context of the service provision can
submit a claim (claim for compensation) to KiFiD. Previously, the Complaints Committee of the Dutch
Securities Institute (DSI) dealt with such claims. This committee has been incorporated into KiFiD.

The complaints procedure of KiFiD is strict and is described in two regulations. A written complaint
may only be submitted to KiFiD after use has been made of the internal complaints procedure of the
relevant financial company. Before a client of the Manager may submit a complaint to KiFiD in
writing regarding the services of the Manager, the relevant client must first have submitted the
relevant complaint to the Manager. Only when the subsequent consultation has not led to an
agreement, which must be confirmed in writing, the complaint can be submitted to KiFiD.

The case will first be examined by the Ombudsman of KiFiD. The Ombudsman will try to resolve the
dispute through mediation. If that fails, the dispute will be handled by the KiFiD Disputes Committee.
The following terms apply to submitting a complaint:

  • the complaint must be filed within one year after the moment you have taken, or could reasonably have taken, note of the facts, be submitted to the Manager; and
  • the complaint must be submitted to the Ombudsman of KiFiD within three months after no
    agreement has been reached with the Manager.

These terms are strictly applied. The Client must pay a personal contribution to KiFiD in connection
with the complaint handling by KiFiD. For more information, see the KiFiD website (

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